Ulrike Wathling was born 1977 in Wolfenbuettel. Early on it was predictable that painting is the perfect medium to express her feelings. Even as a child she loved handling with colours and materials. Her passion for painting has not changed to this day. „When I stand in front of a blank canvas I immerse into a world foreign to me, without knowing where I will get to“, Ulrike Wathling says. She creates paintings leaving big room for interpretation to the viewer because of the effects of structure and colour. Her versatile works testify to passion, unease and restlessness and at the same time portray a harmonic interplay between shape and colour.


2007 Arztpraxis Oswald/Stobbe in Ölper
29.11.2007 – 28.03.2008 Büroräume der Firma „Eventus“ in Wolfenbüttel
2008 Büroräume der „Deutschen Vermögensberatung“ in Hannover
2009 Arbeitsräume des „ichwerk“ in Hamburg
11. – 13.09.2009 Kulturschaufenster 38118, Wichmannhallen in Braunschweig
2010 Büroräume der Firma Clavey in Braunschweig (Roggenmühle)
13. – 15.08.2010 Sommergartenfestival im Rittergut in Remeringhausen
01.10. – 31.12. 2010 Büroräume der Firma MLP in Braunschweig
2011 Büroräume der Werbeagentur „Einschnitt“ im Artmax in Braunschweig
2011- 2013 Dauerausstellung im Café „viertel nach“ von (3 Werke) in Braunschweig
2012 Arztpraxis Owald/Stobbe in Ölper
2012 Schaufensterausstellung ehemalige Landeszentralbank in Braunschweig
21. – 23.12.12 Galerie Xpon-Art in Hamburg
2015 Café Riptide
2015 Haarwerk
2016 Jahresausstellung BBK
2016 Forma Akuta Groningen Gemeinschaftsausstellung